Working with such an iconic bicycle brand had to combine in-depth research alongside a really sympathetic marketing strategy. Whilst challenging some aspects of the business to give it new vigor in an evolving market.
Establishing that Kona was very different than their competition helped in creating materials that spoke to a more creative, young at heart, proudly different customer base. Taking care of the details really took the brand to new levels, always delivering engaging materials, sourcing responsible materials in POS, print and packaging, being first with new ideas, and not being afraid to take risks really spoke to the Kona distributors, dealers and customers. With videos regularly the most viewed on cycling channels, POS popular enough that it appeared on eBay, bike model names that always created a reaction, and attendance at events with the highest amount of foot traffic.

I worked with the Kona team on creative direction and marketing strategy for global campaigns at the beginning of each season. Which I created and delivered across every touch point of their communications, including; 
• The bikes aesthetic, colour and graphic design.
• Directing product and lifestyle photoshoots.
• Creating the print materials, trade Tech Book in seven different languages and two print finishes. Consumer catalogues and requests from distributors.
• Advertising campaign and global delivery.
• Launch and distribution of the video program.
• Exhibition plan, design and fit.
• Design, production and delivery of the point of sale program.
• Working with the specialist press on PR.
• Managing the European Grassroots team riders.